My visit with a Holistic Nutritionist: Part 1


For about the past 6 months or so, I have been feeling like a stranger in my own body.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  I am hoping many of you lovely ladies will know exactly what I am talking about.  You know the feeling:  brain fog, chronic fatigue, irregular cycles, spotting at random times, PMS that is through the roof and seems to last all month.  Well, you get the idea.  My doctor says it is all related to peri-menopause.   I can’t bring myself to write how long she said it could last. Continue reading

Alternatives to using Flour – Substitution Chart

chocolate crossaints l'Auberge de france

In my effort to constantly nourish my body, I am slowly trying to reduce my gluten and sugar intake.  I am trying to add more fruits and veggies daily, but I seem to always crave my carbs.  So while searching to find ways ‘to have my bread and eat it too’ I came across Joyous Health’s Flour substation chart.  You might remember the interview we did with Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health last year.

joyous health flour substitution

I have already tried Garbanzo bean flour in a seed bread which I will share with you in the next coming weeks.  Let me know if you have had any success with flour alternatives and maybe we will give your recipes a try and post them on the blog!

Congratulation to our Joyous Health Giveaway Winner!


Congratulations to Emma on winning our Joyous Health giveaway.  She will be receiving a copy of Joy McCarthy’s new book, Joyous Health:  Eat & Live Well Without Dieting.

Thanks to Emma for also sharing how she lives a joyous life:

“My favourite way to live a joyous life is to lift heavy weights, eat clean/paleo, and not sweat the small stuff. Life is too short to not be having fun :)


I am enjoying my lemon and water as we speak. Have you been able to incorporate some joyous health practices into your life?

Joyous Health Giveaway!

mccarthy_joyoushealth_pb-819x1024 To end our week with Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health, we are excited to give away a copy of Joy’s new book, Joyous Health:  Eat & Live Well Without Dieting. In order to enter, you have two jobs to do.  Go to Active Living Zoomers’ Facebook page and ‘like’ us if you haven’t already.  Then come back to this post and leave a comment below telling us your favourite tip on how you live a healthy, joyous life. Contest ends Friday, April 4th and the winner will be announced on Monday, April 7th.  Good Luck Everyone!

Recipes from the book, Joyous Health: Eat and Live Well without Dieting

On Monday, we featured our interview with Joy McCarthy, Holisitic Nutritionist and author of Joyous Health:  Eat & Live Well without Dieting.  I thought I would give a few of the recipes from the book a go and spotlight them here.

One of the things Joy speaks of in her book, as well as in her blog, is starting your day with a glass of water and lemon juice.  I have been doing this consistently for about a month now and my system went from being very sluggish to doing its daily duty; if you get my meaning.  Sorry if that was too much info.  When we were on holidays for March Break, I didn’t drink my morning lemon water and my body felt it.  So drink that lemon water before your morning cup of joe!

Check out Joy’s video below to hear about the benefits of lemon water

Next, I tried the Metabolism-Booster Breakfast Smoothie which can be found on page 17 of Joy’s book.  I have yet to try a green smoothie which seems to be all the rage, but thought this one might be a good start.  It has spinach or Kale but dark berries as well  (I used blueberries.)  which gives it a purple hue.  It is so healthy and I loved it!  You just felt better drinking it.  But the test for me would be if my kiddies liked it.  The 9 and 12 year old weren’t too keen on it and said they preferred my banana/strawberry smoothie better.  Of course mine is sweetened by honey, but don’t tell Joy.  The teenagers, however, liked it.  Three out of five; not bad.  I am currently experimenting with that banana/strawberry smoothie to make it more Joyous.

Joyous Health

joyous health

joyous health

Lastly, I tried the Raw Carrot Cake Balls found on page 253 in Joy’s book.  They have many of the spices that my Scottish Granny used in her Christmas treats.  I loved them.  My kids thought they were fairly good.  They felt the spices were a little too strong.  I will definitely make them again, but for the kids sake, I will cut the spices in half.  My daughter suggested chocolate chips…figures.

raw carrot cake balls

raw carrot cake balls

raw carrot cake balls

Check out Joy’s blog, Joyous Health for more healthy and joyous recipes.