Container vegetable gardening. Not just for small spaces.

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I have posted entries before about the joyous rewards of tending your own vegetable garden.   Well, I have to make a confession.   I do love the “joyous rewards” but I am really not a fan of everything in between. Continue reading

Asparagus Gruyere Tart


Yes, it is asparagus season again.  Yay!

Asparagus grow

We are so fortunate to have a large farm close by that grows nothing but this tasty and versatile vegetable.  As with many seasonal veggies, it is best to savor its flavour when it is in season and at its peak.


Despite this, I decided to try to preserve some by pickling it, much like the dilly beans last year.


I asked a friend of mine for her recipe for picked asparagus and along with it, she sent a Canadian Living recipe for this very delicious tart. It is a recipe she describes as simple but one that looks and tastes devine.

Whether you serve it as an appetizer or light lunch option with a salad,  it is just one more way to enjoy this lovely spring vegetable while it is in season.