Spring has sprung. Grass has riz. Wonder where my razor is!?


Ah yes.  All the signs of spring have begun to show themselves confirming that it is truly here to stay!


The farmers are on the land planting this year’s crops.


Hostas and tulips have started to emerge no longer afraid of a late frost browning their tender tips.


Early spring flowering plants have nestled themselves against the rocks where they can count on daytime heating provided by the sun to warm them well into the night.


The dog even decided he should try a dip in the lake this morning.   BRRR.  It is still way too cold.  All it takes is a breeze off the water to drop our temperature here, putting us about 10 C cooler than places just north of us.

Today is a good day though.  No wind and we are heading toward the mid to high 20’s.  Wow!  This brings about another sign of spring………..


Come on ladies.  You know it’s true.

When we are bundled up in our many layers of wool and fleece we tend to not worry so much about a little fuzz on our legs.  An extra layer of warmth is what I call it.

k2 run

We had an early warm spell in April that allowed me run in my 3/4 running tights.  Great, right?  When I met up with my running buddies I noticed all the ladies were still in their full length tights.  All admitted that the reason was because they hadn’t shaved their legs.  I had to confess that although my legs were lovely and smooth from the ankles to mid shin, that was where it ended.

My grandmother always marveled at how her leg and underarm hair became non- existent as she got older.  I wish!  Not only does it still grow nicely in the usual spots, I am now finding rouge hairs sprouting from the most unexpected places.  Drat!

I digress….

A small price to pay for this beautiful time of year.  It’s Mother’s Day this weekend.  Perfect time of year to celebrate those amazing women in our lives.

Tea Pink Lunch Pail

I’m taking mom to a Mother’s Day Celebration Tea It’s a fund- raiser for breast cancer.

I am taking my Mom to a Spring Tea.  Hey!  My legs are shaved.  Maybe I’ll wear a dress.  :-)

What will you be doing on this special spring weekend?

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