Authors of Active Living Zoomers

Authors of Active Living Zoomers

We have both made introductory posts (here and here) about ourselves in the context of the blog theme, Active Living Zoomers.  I also think that you should know us in the context of our personal relationship and its connection to us as partners in this blogging venture.

You might think that it has nothing to do with the blog content but I think  it will put into perspective where we both are coming from in terms of our opinions and interests.

No idea, thought or opinion comes from a completely unbiased position (and that is my completely unbiased opinion!).  Where we come from, the lives we have lived, the people who have touched us, both good and bad, all have a part in who we are and how we think.

We come from a large family–three boys and three girls. We have two parents still together after 61 years of marriage and who have lived in the same house for 50+ years. They provided all of us with a solid foundation and a clear sense of security and love.

We shared a bedroom from the time Denise was a month or two old.  We went to the same elementary and secondary schools.  We both went to the same community college for two years.  Our first cars were Honda Civics!

Now having said that, here is the interesting part about my sister and I.  There could not be two women so completely different in their life‘s journey.

We are seven years apart in age.  It could be that or maybe it’s birth order.  Denise is the baby and I share the middle.  I am the fourth between two older brothers and one younger brother.

She is the mother of 5 beautiful school aged children.  I am step-mom to 2 lovely young women and Grandma to 2 delightful grandchildren.  She is a stay at home mom who up until just recently home schooled her kids.  I am a retired police officer who is now trying her hand at artistic blacksmithing.

How’s that for different life paths!

In areas that really matter, though, we are very much the same.  Family is the most important part of our lives.  Living lives with purpose and good intentions is our main goal.

So these are the perspectives we bring to this new adventure.  It is as much about sharing our thoughts and experiences with you as they relate to living an active Zoomer lifestyle as it is about having the opportunity to share these experiences with each other.

I hope that gives you a little incite into “About Us” as blogging partners.  It will be interesting to see how our collective experiences will shape the content of this blog.

So we hope that you will join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and add your comments, thoughts and ideas.


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