Potato chip addict…that is me!

 bowl of chips

I am a television advertisement addict.  I admit it.  That’s the first step, right?  I am also a potato chip addict.  If there are chips in the house I will get up in the middle of the night to have a bowl.  I just can’t stop myself.  They call to me.  But this Lays Potato Chips ad is so me, that it has to mean I can’t be the only one!

I really need help!!

What is your secret obsession?

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6 thoughts on “Potato chip addict…that is me!

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      • Stop it, you two! You are not helping my addiction. Enablers, both of you!
        By the way, I do love the President’s Choice chips but they sell out so quickly in my area that I have a hard time getting them. That’s a good thing, I know.

  2. A bowl? How about a bag in the middle of the night? That’s if I managed to save any from bedtime. Otherwise, it’s popcorn – I can always manage to keep enough on hand to pop, day or night. And then there’s something sweet to go with the salty. Arrgh!

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