My visit with a Holistic Nutritionist: Part 2

keep-calm-and-eat-gluten-free-15I had my second consultation with my Holistic Nutritionist yesterday.  She allotted 90 minutes to go over her findings and discuss a plan to help alleviate my symptoms.  You can check why I went to a Holistic Nutritionist in the first place here. Continue reading

Home-based business ideas for Baby Boomers…Zoomerpreneurs!!

Baby boomers home based business

My husband has always had an entrepreneur’s spirit.  But like many of us, he carried on with life, took that secure job, got married, had children and the dream of running his own business became more and more of a risk. Continue reading

Health benefits of dark chocolate

valentine's dayAs I wrote awhile ago, I am working on cutting back on my sugar consumption.  I am ashamed to say that sugar is winning the fight.  My latest attempt is to eat more dark chocolate to help satisfy that afternoon sugar craving. Did you know that dark chocolate is good for you?  Chocolate comes from the Cacao plant which is rich in Flavanols.  Flavonoids are a type of antioxidant which is good for you.

Here are just a few of the health benefits of enjoying a piece or two of dark chocolate:

  1. Can lower blood pressure
  2. Aid in vascular function
  3. Improve in your cognitive function
  4. Can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke
  5. Provide UV protection for your skin

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Dark chocolate is more filling than lighter chocolate.  Therefore, you can eat smaller portions and stay satisfied, longer.

Health benefits of dark chocolate

But not all dark chocolate is created equal.  The higher the percentage of cacao, the higher the amount of Flavanols.  So try to stick to a 70% or higher cacao content.  Always read the ingredients as well.  If sugar is first on the ingredient list, move on. You also want to look for ‘processed with alkali’.  This process will produce a chocolate with less Flavanols, which means less health benefits.  Here is a list of some good and not so good quality chocolate brands.  I was able to find two of these at my local grocers.

dark chocolate is good for you

As with all treats, less is more.  Everything in moderation, right?  Dark chocolate is an acquired taste, but hang in there.  Start with a bar of 70% cacao and slowly work your way up.  I have found 85% is as dark as my palette will go.  Milk chocolate is now too rich for me to eat.  Give it a try.  This is one treat you can feel good about.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!