Grey Power–the contributions of the 65 plus crowd.


Active living Zoomers

Active living Zoomers

At a recent medical appointment (a bit ironic once you read this post) I attended with my husband, I killed time by paging through an old copy (July/August 2014) of Zoomer magazine. Continue reading

Love me……warts and all.


Here is my morning routine:

1. Coffee on…check

2. The dog’s toast on….check

3. Bran Buds and homemade granola in the bowl…..check.

Sounds pretty straight forward but in reality, it’s not. Continue reading

Parenting adult children

parenting tips

At first, changing poopy diapers and wiping runny noses was tough.  Turns out supporting them when the big game was lost or when ‘so and so said this about me’ was even tougher.  That of course was easy compared to deciding if you should let them take the car or go to that party. Continue reading