Container vegetable gardening. Not just for small spaces.

Help me.  I am being consumed by produce!

I have posted entries before about the joyous rewards of tending your own vegetable garden.   Well, I have to make a confession.   I do love the “joyous rewards” but I am really not a fan of everything in between. Continue reading

Home-based business ideas for Baby Boomers…Zoomerpreneurs!!

Baby boomers home based business

My husband has always had an entrepreneur’s spirit.  But like many of us, he carried on with life, took that secure job, got married, had children and the dream of running his own business became more and more of a risk. Continue reading

Grey Power–the contributions of the 65 plus crowd.


Active living Zoomers

Active living Zoomers

At a recent medical appointment (a bit ironic once you read this post) I attended with my husband, I killed time by paging through an old copy (July/August 2014) of Zoomer magazine. Continue reading

Love me……warts and all.


Here is my morning routine:

1. Coffee on…check

2. The dog’s toast on….check

3. Bran Buds and homemade granola in the bowl…..check.

Sounds pretty straight forward but in reality, it’s not. Continue reading