Grey Power–the contributions of the 65 plus crowd.


Active living Zoomers

Active living Zoomers

At a recent medical appointment (a bit ironic once you read this post) I attended with my husband, I killed time by paging through an old copy (July/August 2014) of Zoomer magazine. Continue reading

Love me……warts and all.


Here is my morning routine:

1. Coffee on…check

2. The dog’s toast on….check

3. Bran Buds and homemade granola in the bowl…..check.

Sounds pretty straight forward but in reality, it’s not. Continue reading

Can you still be sexy when you get older?

Enough already!  This winter is taking way too long.  If you are like myself or my sister Susan, we have been keeping warm by adding fat to our bodies with these comfort foods.  (Actually, these are all Susan’s.  I don’t want any evidence of my weaknesses)

sweets sweets 1 sweets 2 sweets 3The downside to these indulgences plus feeling like you want to stay in bed all day to keep warm, leaves you feeling kind of crappy.  Don’t know about you, but sometimes one feels fat, frumpy and yes…old.  You long for your younger, joy filled, sexy self.  Ok, I have never felt sexy, but that’s another story.

I came across two videos on Facebook that made me laugh and made me realize that ‘sexy’ isn’t just for the young.  It is for the young at heart.  It also makes you realize that ‘sexy’ comes in many shapes and sizes.  Enjoy!  Only 20 days till the first of Spring!